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tv   FOX 10 News Noon  FOX  December 1, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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now. this is a fox 10 news alert. thank you for being here. we begin with a fox 10 news alert this morning. >> one of those officers was rushed to surgery and is now in critical but stable condition, we are told. ron hoon live with the latest. >> the officer-involved shooting broke out at a place called the campbell terrace apartments, the south side of tuscon near campbell and irvington. >> you can see the i-10 freeway
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i-10 split, at about keno parkway and benson highway. the two officers were serving a warrant in a aggravated assault case, and that's when the suspect opened fire. one officer shot in the chest, rushed to banner medical center, the other hit in the leg listed in stable condition. the suspect was shot and killed inside the complex. the police chief i shooting. >> inside the apartment, they encountered the suspect, a 28-year-old male, and gunfire was exchanged between the suspect and the officers. as a result of that encounter, the suspect was killed. he is deceased. one of the officers is in critical but stable condition, and the other officer is in good
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be released later today. >> the officer was shot in the leg is expected to be released, as you no doubt heard, and the critically injured officer is in the icu. tuscon police expecting to give us updates later today. another news alert to tell you about, this one in surprise, where police are right now investigating a suspicious death. skyfox here over the seen near jo max and 136th avenue, the victim, a found dead on the side of the road. he hasn't been identified quite yet. misare investigating right now trying to figure out what led up to his death. a woman killed, hit by a car in downtown phoenix, crossing a road near buckeye at 6:30 in the morning when she was hit. buckeye was shut down for a
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be a factor in the crash. they have not released her namement. killed in a tragic accident in northern arizona, services for christopher were held today in peoria. investigators say the 45-year-old was on an elk hunt in the grand canyon when he was thrown from his atv. he was a 20-year veteran of the department and leaves behind a wife and daughters, more on his memorial service tonight at 5:00. in the east valley this morning, a man and woman both arrested, salt river police opening fire on those two when they crashed into police patrol cars earlier today. a man and a woman now in custody, police tried to stop a suspicious vehicle just after midnight at a parking garage at talking stick resort. when officers approached the car, the person behind the wheel drove away but then crashed into a patrol vehicle. others had to jump out of the way to get hit. police tried to stop them, a
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second straight time, and that's when the officers opened fire. >> a vehicle drove directly at our officers who opened fire in order to stop the vehicle. the vehicle then rammed a second patrol car. >> the suspect then headed south on 101 until the car broke down. the man and woman tried to run away but police were able to arrest both of them. a barricade situation at baseline ends after a man was holed for hours. police ended up finding the suspect hiding in the attic of the home, taken into custody. the people in the home got out safely as well. a rollover crash leaves behind a big mess in the area of cave creek and thunderbird. a 69-year-old man was making a left turn when he lost control and hit a fire hydrant this morning. the accident flooded parts of
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the driver was taken to the hospital with minor injuries, police right now looking into whether impairment may have been a factor here. we brought you breaking news at this time yesterday, nearly 100 animals moved from a home, and today mesa deputies are looking at the condition of the animals before deciding whether the homeowners should be charged. this is video from mcso, and i can tell you this is kind of the nicest some of the back bedrooms were horrific, feces everywhere, cages stacked on top of people. they think the owners were trying to raise animals to sell. again, the owners haven't been arrested. any charges will depend on conditions of the animals. the city's parks and rec department said it was a safety issue, so here's the back story here. a group of volunteers, they have been setting up a christmas tree
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so at the top of the mountain. a new tree was set up on thanksgiving, but someone chopped it down, stole the top half, so that damaged tree was removed by city workers because they say it was a safety hazard. people complained about that. they collected enough signatures, so city workers agreed to let them carry up a new tree on saturday. volunteers and park rangers are going to be keeping a close eye on that new christmas now. but, you know, climbing camelb but climbing camelback with a tree on your back? >> apparently not impossible though. >> cory is shrugging like it's nothing. i would like to see him do it, and with a rockefeller center tree. still new at noon, a gunman holds people hostage at a credit union. plus, thousands in tennessee forced to leave homes as wildfires spread across the state. >> we have got some high thin
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temperatures will ever warm up when we come back in a few minutes. >> a state representative who pled guilty to committing fraud with food stamps, her punishment is still ahead. i... i... i wanted those... no you didn't... hefty slider bags cost less than ziploc. you'll thank me later. oh...
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fox 10 news starts now. president elect donald trump and vice president elect mike pence in indianapolis today to kick off a victory tour of sorts. the president elect will meet with workers at the carrier air-conditioning factory, whose jobs he says he helped save. those jobs were supposed to be sent down to mexico. for months, senator bernie
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donald trump on the issue. sanders says the carrier deal was too sweet with tax incentives, which included several million dollars in tax breaks. later today, donald trump will be in cincinnati ohio and will also pay a visit to hamilton county ohio, one of the few counties there hillary clinton won. it's set to begin at 5:00, and we will stream those for you on fox news live and also on our facebook page. dozens held hostage inside a credit union in jacksonville, florida today. police responded where the suspect was taking hostages. a 911 called, reported the robbery, told a dispatcher someone had been shot. the man, the suspect they are calling him, he was threatening to kill the victims inside, and after lots of negotiating the sheriff's office says 11 hostages are out of the building now.
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the suspect surrendered peacefully. state representative velasquez appeared in court today, took a plea deal for unlawful use of food stamps. she'll be on probation for a year and will have to do 100 hours of community service. the mayor of gatlinburg, the town tomorrow to give residents and business owners a look at all of the damage there. the city has been closed since monday night because of these massive wildfires, hundreds of homes and buildings have been destroyed. rain did help firefighters in the eastern part of the state. cleanup efforts are still under way. fema approved resources to help.
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officerses has been shot and killed. a man shot officers multiple times before barricading himself inside of a home. police tell us he was using an 11-year-old boy and 8-year-old girl as shields. the standoff went into the early morning hours. before deputies were able to get them away from the home, the suspect took a shot at a deputy, who returned fire andil him. coming up after the break, more than a dozen tornados in the south claiming the lives of several people there. how soon they could get relief from those storms. and sunshine, we have got some of it out there, but we'd like to see more.
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welcome back. a big weather alert to tell you about in the south. tornados in two states have taken the lives of five people. this video right here is out of brilliant, alabama, which is just northwest of birmingham. alabama had more than two inches of rain. the storms damaged or destroyed at least 700 homes. at least 13 twisters were reported in parts of louisiana, mississippi and tennessee. your exclusive accuweather forecast with cory mccloskey on fox 10 news. welcome back, cory. we missed you. >> yeah. >> a little bit, a smidge. >> like a duck full of hook worms? >> more than that. >> that's sort of my baseline. it's good to be back. did anything happen while i was gone? >> no. it was cold. >> freezing, it snowed a lot. >> yeah, i heard that as well.
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speaking of chilly, it's not too awesome out there. it's 35 in flagstaff, 38 at window rock, and, yeah, you get up into the high country, you're going to find some rather tiny numbers. now, the good news is we will warm up. you can see we have got a few thin clouds out there. but we have got the sunshine going, and that will be our story over the next few days, more sun, and by the time we hit the weekend, we ought to settle ourselves in for some pretty nice temperatures. now, the average would be about 69 or so. but the record we will not get to the average today. we'll be lucky to crawl our way into the 60s. it's going to be a long shot. anyway, we have got some thin clouds, no real weather makers out there, except what we see sort of out to the north and west of the valley, a couple sprinkles there, and even a touch of light snow, it looks like. you get out west of chino valley and you may catch a little
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got going. we are not settled in for any kind of real organized when did today or even in the near future. we are going to take ourselves right on into the weekend in pretty good shape with increasing sunshine and temperatures in good shape as well. it is snowing up around salt lake city and into much of idaho, montana and wyoming. aound here it's going to be pretty quiet, except for this little bit of drizzle that we have got going north and west of us in the vaey temps, as i said, they are rather small, 57 in gila bend, 39 in show low. you know, it's 38 at the south rim. it was one degree up at the grand canyon this morning, so that's the kind of weather we have been seeing the last few days. now, tomorrow morning will be a bit milder than that, so we have got some better temperatures ahead as we roll into your friday morning. but here's a look at the rest of the country, a kind of typical day in december, first day, that is, for much of the nation, cool
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and boy this is a time of year, as you saw in alabama and mississippi, that can kick up some serious weather. the cold front that brought trouble to the deep south yesterday has now pushed itself off here into the atlantic. we do still see some weather in new england, scattered rain and snow showers this morning, but they have really started to push their way on into northern maine, and that's all about all we have got going. so we get you back here to arizona where things are going to be pretty nice today. we'll see som high thin clouds out there, high temps, though, look at this. just in the upper 50s to low 60s across the desert and only in the 40s in the mountain parts of the state. tonight though not quite as chilly as what we saw last night. and here comes that extended forecast, and again, things look cooler and cooler as we get on into tomorrow. boy, 60 again, come on. however, the weekend looks good. but then on we go into next week with more trouble.
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i don't know. we are making up for something. i don't know where the -- >> well, we discussed -- >> overcompensation. >> october, it was so warm, so now we have to be freezing. >> i choose to concentrate on the weekend, because it's so nice. >> good call, troy. >> both days, sunny and nice. >> i'm the one who has to be outside during the week, reporting, outside and bundled up. >> but you get to wear all of those cute coats that you don't get to >> jealous? >> you seem a little jealous. >> i have got a lot of great coats and they are all like brand-new because i never wear the things. coming up, prince harry and rihanna taking the stage
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live from fox studios, fox 10 news is back. let's talk some entertainment news, shall we? or not. i guess according to the video
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deprivation, troy. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> the older you get, the less sleep you get. hey, hold your horses with the entertainment stuff. >> i'm really excited about it, okay? >> the key to success, more sleep is important to the economy. researchers found in the u.s. alone, lack of sleep is costing $400 billion a year, with a b, in lost productivity. if americans slept night, it would add $226 billion to the economy. so get some sleep, people. in our entertainment news now, kanye west, this is what you have been waiting for, kanye west has been released from the hospital after apparently suffering a nervous breakdown. we are getting new information about what happened here. reports say west has been spiralling in recent months, due to a number of factors, including pressure electric his clothing line, kim kardashian's recent robbery in paris, his
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cancelled after the breakdown. closes source to the rapper say he is exhausted after working around the clock. they say he continues to struggle with the loss of his mother. rihanna and prince harry taking the stage together, the island no longer under british rule, queen elizabeth still technically the head of state there, and rihanna born in barbados. she took the stage for the golden anniversary of her island nation. a new direct tv channel taylor swift now will feature a 24/7 streaming catalog of concerts and original content. it will offer glimpses into her life and career. she was just named "forbes" magazine's highest paid musician
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$27 million between june of last year and this year. >> that's a lot of milk in the fridge, 170 large. coming up on fox 10 news at 10:00. we'll take you to the southern hemisphere and explain why people are frozen in their
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on the next fox 10 arizona morning. >> hey, everybody. i'm ron hoon. ladies, you can dress for success without spending a bundle. we'll show you how to do it for ten b and dolphinaris is getting so much buzz now here in town. tomorrow, see what happens when cory goes swimming with the dolphins. fox 10 arizona morning starting at 4:30 a.m. all right, weather achievers, here's what the next ten days look like. troy loves his weekends, and we do know that, and i like to keep troy happy.
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i think. >> two days in the 70s and sunny. one of the coldest spots on earth, and this is why they are frozen still. >> so you have seen the mannequin challenge all over the place, and now it's finally made its way to antarctica, runners on the continent for the ice marathon. it's not official, but i'm assuming this would be the coldest mannequin challenge yet, windchill. so stay warm out there, friends, because that's going to be a hard thing to do. >>. >> thanks for joining us this afternoon. >> why do we run in antarctica? >> because people love it there. you know how the millennials are, they have got to conquer something.
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we want to say hi to our friends in atlanta. look who is sitting in. we have so much to talk about. we're going to tell you w justin bieber said about instagram. it's not good. plus we have mariah carey news. first leah remini is dropping bomb shells on scientology. she wrote a book. if you're into scientology, it's really good. >> first rule about scientology,


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